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How important is your advertising message? Actually, what you say and show in your commercial is as important as viewing audience selected to receive the message. Ads striking an emotional chord with viewers generally do a better job making us remember. For example, tapping into a potential customer’s emotional-driven ego or connoting a feeling of trust with an earnest testimonial are both powerful ways to help drive sales. If you are an HVAC company trying to promote your AC sales or repair, you might embellish the feeling of being hot in your home with vivid imagery showing an exhausted person sweating profusely on a sofa waving, as a fan, a mailer that just happens to be that of your own HVAC company. Then maybe they notice the direct-mail flyer for your HVAC company.



Humor, when done properly, at the right time, and to the right audience can also have a memorable effect on potential customers. Flow Marketing will conduct a needs assessment and customer analysis to determine the proper scripting and commercial production to help increase your response. In addition, for those willing to step up to the plate, having a regular face from your company can be a great way to brand your business and serve as a highly-effective way to establish trust and rapport within your market. What’s more, testimonials are one of the best ways to build trust and make a memorable impact on the masses.



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Digital (online) marketing helps you get business right now, when people are searching for immediate help. TV and OTT will help brand your name over time in the minds of potential customers, so that when they DO have a need for your services, they think of you first. The synergy of a healthy ad spend between Digital and TV/OTT can help  maximize your return on advertising investment. Let Flow Marketing help you to build the healthiest synergy of ad spend for your brand.



Flow Marketing’s television production team has decades of extensive experience. TV production is a major separator among marketing firms. It’s important to project a solid image for your business. A cheaper-looking commercial or one geared to the wrong audience will not maximize effectiveness, and could affect you negatively. What’s more, Flow Marketing team members have extensive experience placing broadcast media around the country, having done so since the `90s. Our team knows how to match Television programming with your customer base and negotiate airtime in your favor!


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