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Our Services

Something Different – Customer-Focused Marketing

Arch Automotive’s television production team has extensive experience working with automotive dealerships all over the United States.


At Arch Automotive, we understand that dealerships want to work with an agency that knows how to deliver big without breaking the budget. What’s more, Arch team members have extensive experience since the 1990s placing broadcast media around the country since the `90s. Our team knows how to match Television programming with your customer base and negotiate airtime in your favor. Click HERE for more.

Arch Automotive uses state-of-the-art production facilities, top-tier voice talent, and industry-specialized editing methods to deliver one-of-a-kind radio production for our clients. Furthermore, when placing your radio buys, Arch uses Nielson and Scarborough data to select only the stations and shows best-suited to your customer demographics, as well as to better negotiate the cost of airtime.


Give your dealership a competitive edge with production that arches above the rest! Click HERE for more.

Arch offers our clients an array of digital methods for reaching more customers. We help to discover and show you the most beneficial and cost-effective means for reaching customers online. We offer Facebook marketing, Pay-Per-Click, Geofencing, retargeting, display, and much more.


In addition to parsing where best to place your digital ad dollars, we also provide clear and concise performance tracking and reporting to show you just how well it’s working! Click HERE for more.

Almost all auto dealers know the power of direct mail to drive customers to their dealership. Arch Automotive’s Conquest Mail team will apply their decades of automotive experience to customize a mail campaign designed to drive results!


At Arch Automotive, we believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised not only by the results, but by the savings you will realize over other direct-mail solutions. Click HERE to learn more.

As you’re likely discovering, Arch Automotive is big on advertising synergy. This is why we often recommend our dealerships utilize a multi-channel approach to reach their targeted customers, via both direct mail and email marketing.


By utilizing both digital and physical mail, your message is driven home in a very personal way, as customers are receiving your message both in their physical mailbox and digital inbox. Let Arch Automotive custom-design your email campaigns today to enhance your lead generation. Click HERE for more.

Negative online reviews cost your dealership business. If you have low review ratings, Arch Automotive can help! Ditch the negative reviews by allowing us to implement a review-management program that helps to ensure only positive reviews get posted online! You heard right, we can actually do that for you!


Instead of negative reviews being posted, they are instead sent to the dealership to resolve before anyone on the web ever sees them! Learn more about improving and maintaining your online ratings by contacting Arch Automotive today. Click HERE for more.

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