Online Reputation Management

DID YOU KNOW that one negative review costs the average business 30 customers? Ditch the negative reviews. Boost your ratings and customer base with positive reviews and stars!


Does your business have negative online reviews, or maybe not enough reviews?


What can you do? Actually there’s lot that you can do!



We take your customer base and send them an email asking them to review your business. If they give you 4 or 5 stars we then ask them to post their review on Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. They are given direct links to make it easy. If they give you a bad review, we send them to a form where they can submit all the reasons why they are unhappy. They are never given the links to post their review online. Their review is sent directly to you where you can hopefully calm them down and make things right.


It’s that simple! More positive reviews to improve your ratings, AND a way for unhappy customers to reach you and let you resolve the situation before a bad review is given.

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