Email Marketing



HAVING A SUCCESSFUL CONQUEST EMAIL MARKETING STRATEGY is all about the data. Anyone can purchase a list of email addresses, but how many of those consumers want to hear from you or need your services?


ARCH Automotive takes a completely different approach than many in our industry. Our intelligent data identifies online consumers that are in the market to either purchase a vehicle or have their vehicle serviced, based on their internet-browsing patterns. Those consumers are then sent an opt-in email, and only the ones that opt in are considered for the campaign. Arch will then complete a scrubbing process and eliminate anyone who has bought a car from you or had their car serviced in the last eighteen months. This creates a true conquest opportunity!


The parameters of the campaigns are very customizable. We can identify the make the consumer drives. We can target by radius around the store or pick out those huge-opportunity zip codes where you would like to get more business.. We can even target areas around your local competitors!


Because our data is so good, dealers experience a much higher open and click-through rate than other email marketing programs. Dynamic reporting is provided every month to track the effectiveness of the campaigns.






ONE OF THE CRUCIAL FACTORS FOR SUCCESS IN THE AUTO INDUSTRY TODAY is customer retention. Keeping repeat customers is much easier than regularly having to acquire new ones, which, in turn, also reduces marketing costs. Industry studies show that repeat customers pay a higher profit margin than new customers. Service department margins on repeat customers are as high as 70 percent compared to 3 or 4 percent on the front end, so it makes sense to keep them coming back.
So how do we keep and retain our customers? Part of the equation is proving to your customers your excellent service before and after the sale. The other part of the equation involves staying in touch with the customer and providing them with incentives to keep coming back.


ARCH automotive will design and deliver three email campaigns per month. One campaign will be focused on sales incentives for the month. A second campaign will target active service customers and a third will target inactive service customers.


Our graphic designers will create dynamic email campaigns that will get the attention of your current customers. The templates we create are “responsive,” meaning they will display well on mobile devic- es. They are also designed to link back to your dealership website for increased traffic!


Monthly reporting is provided to track the effectiveness of the campaigns.


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