Direct Mail

IT’S NO SECRET, direct mail has long been a strong go-to means of highly-effective marketing for the automotive industry. Recent research indicates that 63% of millennials that respond to a direct mail piece within a 3-month period actually make a purchase! Direct mail has been a long-standing vehicle to deliver sales and service offers that will continue driving traffic to your dealership.

The specialists at ARCH will consult with you to design specific mail campaigns to achieve your goals and target the correct audience, while delivering the piece at just the right time.


Our graphic designers create compelling, high-resolution pieces with pertinent dealer- ship imagery and messaging that will urge consumers to act!


ARCH has access to the very best target data in the market! We can filter geographically, demographi- cally, by credit criteria, by vehicle driven, by shopping intentions and a host of other factors.


We measure the results! Once your mail is printed on our high-quality digital printers and delivered, we track the campaign to determine its effectiveness through response rates and return on investment. ROI reporting is only available if ARCH has access to your DMS.

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