Direct Mail

IT’S NO SECRET, direct mail has been a strong go-to marketing method for the home-services industry. If you’re like most people, you regularly receive post cards in the mail for HVAC, Plumbing, and other home services. There’s good reason. It works! Typical return is 1 to 2 per 100 postcards sent receives a response. Direct mail has been a long-standing medium for delivering sales and service offers to drum up new business.

The specialists at Flow Marketing will consult with you to design specific mail campaigns to achieve your goals and target the correct audience, while delivering the piece at just the right time. 


HVAC PostcardOur graphic designers create compelling, high-resolution pieces with pertinent imagery and messaging that urge customers to act!


Flow has access to the very best target data in the market! We can filter geographically, demographically, by income range, credit criteria, and a host of other factors.


Oh, and we measure results! Once your mail is printed on our high-quality digital printers and delivered, we help you track the campaign to determine its effectiveness.

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