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Pay-Per-Click Advertising offers you the opportunity to arrive on page one of search engines without having to wait for organic optimiza- tion to get you there! Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a form of internet marketing that can be effectively used to send potential automobile customers directly to your dealership. Every dealership wants to be found in Google!


What’s really great about PPC ads is you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad; and of course, that’s why it’s called “Pay-Per-Click.” Furthermore, with PPC advertising, these are potential customers who are likely in the market to buy or shop right now! What better time to capture them than at the moment they are searching to connect about buying or servicing a vehicle!



At Arch Automotive, we manage all of the detail involved with executing an effective Pay-Per-Click ad campaign. We help to ensure the most cost-efficient placement of your PPC “ad words” budgets. We analyze the entire scope of your dealership needs (the demographics, geographics, and psychographics) to determine how best to target and write your ads.


Considerations like “Quality Score” and “Maximum Bid” are used to determine how high Google plac- es your ads on a given search page. At Arch, we help to ensure optimal placement of your ads for the most efficient return on investment possible. Contact us today to discuss how Pay-Per-Click can keep your dealership busier with new leads!




EVERYONE WANTS A TOP POSITION IN SEARCH. When someone is searching online for new or used vehicles in your area, you want them to find your dealership before they find your competition, right? This is what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about. – It’s about helping people find your dealership when searching for the vehicles and services you offer. Arch Automotive can help your dealership to achieve high rankings in search engines, in order to effectively drive more sales.


SEO isn’t so much a technical skill, as it is a marketing strategy that utilizes technology. Understanding how to rank well in search engines isn’t rocket science, but it is, however, often complicated for people to understand. That’s why, at Arch Automotive, we help you to understand in very simple terms how SEO works. We explain on a more basic level what we will be doing to rank your automotive website high in the search engines.


The Arch Optimization Team will first go through our discovery process. We will analyze your website to see how well your dealership’s key terms are ranking in search engines. Once we develop a list and a baseline of the keywords you want to rank well for, we then implement strict, by-the-book on-page optimization for your dealership, because, if the foundation of your on-page SEO is not strong, all other SEO efforts will not perform well. These initial SEO strategies will help your website to rise in search rankings for your list of focus key terms related generally to car sales and specifically to your dealership.


As part of our SEO services, Arch Automotive will provide you with a regular summary report of the work we perform. We will show you the progress we are making to effectively rank your dealership for your focus keywords.


For more information or to schedule a demo, contact us!



At Arch Automotive, we  create stunning and digitally-enticing, media-rich ads, utilizing graphically-rich images with captivating textual offers and incentives to drive more consumers to your physical location and website. Arch Automotive is one of the few marketing agencies that is Google-certified. We stay apprised of the very latest in ever-changing functionality and requirements offered by Google for their ad clients. Our in-depth knowledge of Google’s Ad Words platform gives our clients and advantage with Google’s search engines, by understanding how to avail ourselves and our clients of Google’s capabilities to index our clients higher than their competition. Contact your Arch Representative today to learn more about our Digital offerings.